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  • Beginners Guide to Content Marketing Chapter 1

    Welcome the Blankcanvasweb Complete Guide to Doing Content Properly. Content marketing may have sounded like a buzzword when it first came on the scene, but today it is clear that any online business ready to make an impact online needs to take content creation and curation seriously. With so much talk about content marketing floating […]

  • Easy To Implement SEO Strategies To Increase Traffic

    [bctt tweet=”Share these top SEO strategies on Twitter” username=”SEOcialLondon”] The art of growing your site traffic can be somewhat difficult to master, and the thought of it alone can be particularly daunting. There are literally hundreds of strategies out there you can try, but my guess is you don’t have a lot of time to […]

  • Content Marketing Ideas in less than 3 minutes

    Three ways of coming up with fantastic content ideas in three minutes (Lorna Heart) For further clarification we’ve outlined the steps below so you get a really good grasp of the processes which will help you to come up with a solid content marketing plan. Content marketing it’s not hard- ideas are hard Most small […]

  • How To Build A Web Page The Right Way

    What is web design? This is a test tweet Click To Tweet Web Design in its most simple explanation refers to the creation of a web page. This involves every step of the process starting from a blank web page and creating a fully customizable dynamic page with text, pictures, links, and many more features. […]

  • Why Social Media Marketing Is A Great Way To Promote Your Website

    Why socialise on the web? Creating a good website is only one half of the entire process of attracting a lot of visitors that can help you make your website better and well known. In order to do this, you need to find a way to make your website available to people outside the limit […]

  • Expand Your Reach With Mobile Media Marketing

    Mobile is here to stay Mobile Media is now one of the most popular ways to browse the Internet. Although people have a PC or laptop at home, our lives are a lot busier than they used to be in the past. Now, many people have smart phones and tablets that they take everywhere with […]

  • How To Make The Most Of Social Media Marketing

    Awesome way to advertise Successful promoting and grabbing the attention of viewers is becoming more and more difficult for today’s advertisers, as well as anyone else who may be trying to get a message across to a wide audience. It may still be hard to believe, but the Internet is grabbing people’s attention and keeping […]

  • Optimising Your Content With The Right SEO Keywords

    Why keywords are actually key Keywords were largely ignored during the first installments of websites. In fact, for a long time the term didn’t even exist as part of a web page. Before the great boom of search engines, any information was difficult to find online, and most web pages were simply large bundles of text […]

  • Promote Your Business With A Content Marketing Strategy

    Not so easy-peasy… but there is a way Marketing your business is no easy task. With millions of websites, and thousands of successful businesses already competing for the spotlight, standing out from the crowd is now harder than ever to achieve. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible or that you should ever give […]

  • Guide To Making Money Through Pay Per Click Advertising

    Make money for from your viewers Making money from your blog or website is something that every owner will have to look forward to at some point in the future. Not everyone wants to make a living from their website/blog, which is fine. However, the more visitors you attract, the more bandwidth space you will […]

  • How To Find A Profitable Niche

    Let’s Narrow it down. A niche refers to the area where your products fit in best, depending on the categories. Niches can be both broad, such as technology or art, and they can also be much more specific such as, oil paintings or iPhone accessories. Generally the narrower your niche, the easier it will be […]

  • Wield The Power Of Video Marketing For Your Business

    Fast and effective  Video Marketing has made a lot of people very popular, and also very rich. As important as words are, visual marketing always attracts a lot more attention. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to read, but everyone likes to watch a video that explains things to them. It is a much easier and faster […]